Flowserve is a trusted partner to large multi-national and in-region organizations in emerging region infrastructure projects, oil refinery expansions, LNG projects, chemical plant construction, nuclear and other power plant projects, biotechnology, desalination, mining, and pulp and paper industries.

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Flowserve products and services consistently deliver value to the Chemical Industry while handling some of the world’s most hazardous and corrosive chemicals.

Providing products and services that define chemical industry standards, Flowserve solutions deliver maximum value and dependability to our customers safely and reliably. 

Our solutions are used around the clock to help process, transfer, and store some of the world’s most hazardous and corrosive chemicals while improving system performance and plant uptime, providing customers with a competitive advantage. 

At Flowserve, we want to help our customers exceed their business goals through the use of our collective resources and extensive experience in the chemical industry.


  • Turning Your Partner into a Smooth Operator

Flowserve alliance program improves seal life at a Louisiana chemical plant.

Rubicon Inc.’s Geismar, La. Facility, a large chemical plant recognized that frequent seal replacements had become a costly problem. Part of the problem lay in the nature of Rubicon’s business. Chemical plants process a wide variety of materials under a wide range of conditions.

Rubicon needed a seal vendor that would do more than simply supply it with replacements, so the chemicals maker signed a five-year alliance agreement with Flowserve. When the alliance program began, there wasn’t a single Flowserve seal in the plant. As competitor seals failed, however, Flowserve replaced competitors’ products with upgraded Flowserve products that significantly lowered failure rate.

  • Supporting Customer Plants through the LifeCyle Advantage Program

Investing the Flowserve LifeCycle Advantage program increases savings, leads to better mean-time-between-repairs and reduces leak rates, cost and lead time.

The LifeCycle Advantage program from Flowserve helps customers realize results. Incorporating rigorous and structured approaches to implementing, improving and realizing results in equipment management, the LifeCycle Advantage program is an unparalleled combination of people, processes and experience.

Using the LifeCycle Advantage program, a major chemical plant was able to drive the seal quality issues they were having to zero. For a more in-depth look at the LifeCycle Advantage partnership between the chemical plant and Flowserve, read this The Long Haul.

Flowserve products enjoy a long-standing reputation for quality and operational performance in industries as diverse as food and beverage, mining, pulp and paper, aerospace, agriculture, district heating, and electronics

Day and night, Flowserve solutions are working behind the scenes to help move, control and protect products that our customers depend on. As a trusted partner, our success across markets and regions worldwide demonstrates our continued strength in these various industries.

Our technological advances in surface hardening, system level flow designs, sealing technologies and auxiliary services positions many of the Flowserve heritage product brands as industry leaders in their respected fields.



  • Boosting Cost Savings & Protecting the Environment

A uranium mining company boosts cost savings and helps protect the environment by converting to Flowserve SLC slurry mechanical seals.

Minimizing costs is always an important business strategy, and so is environmental protection – especially with the heightened awareness of emissions control and how we can all be better stewards for the environment.
When the Pregfeed pumps at Rössing Uranium Ltd., Republic of Namibia, Africa, experienced severe leakage from the gland packing, the company found a solution that took it on a voyage to slash costs and reduce its carbon footprint.
Rössing Uranium turned to Flowserve to help solve the leakage. Discover how Flowserve SLC slurry mechanical seals  are helping the company on its journey to keep down costs, improve productivity and preserve the environment in this Pages from smooth_sailing.
For more information on the Flowserve SLC slurry mechanical seals, check out the SLC_brochure.