Valve Controls & Indication

July 13, 2014

Valve Controls and Indication

Valve position indicators - proven technology, this range of valve position indicators offers safe, reliable and economical operation.

IndiTop valve position indicator - provides accurate and reliable information about the status of most standard sanitary valves used in the dairy, food and beverage, and biopharm industries.

ThinkTop valve sensing and control unit - Provides real-time information about valve operating status 24/7 while helping to improve production performance...

ThinkTop Basic valve sensing and control unit - an automated, valve-top pneumatic valve sensing and control unit that provides exceptional surveillance and control of the fluid handling process.

ThinkTop D30 - easy-to-install integrated control unit for sanitary applications.

Unique Control for LKB Butterfly valves - uilt-in actuator offers intelligent control for LKB butterfly valves used in all applications.