If you handle inflammable liquids Ex-proof pumps and Ex-proof motors guarantee best safety…

For inflammable and weak aggressive liquids the right drum pumps.

Drum pumps stainless steel

suitable for these applications:

  • solvents, inflammable


  • acids, low concentrated
  • bases, low concentrated
  • food
  • mineral oils
  • colours
  • emulsions
  • dispersions
  • suspensions
  • fluids of medium viscosity
  • cosmetics

For inflammable and weak aggressive liquids…

For transfilling and draining of drums and containers.
The perfect drum pump for the most thin liquids.
Version A for high flow rate,
Version R for high pressure,
with foot valve for complete drainage.

For inflammable liquids:
SL-SS-R with the powerful motor Ex700 for your best safety.

Mixing drum pump…

For stirring of emulsions, dispersions, suspensions, etc. before starting the transfilling action.
The mixing drum pump is fitted with mixing apertures. By moving a sliding sleeve
with a lever, these holes can be opened or closed.
„Open“ is for mixing inside the drum and
„closed“ is for pumping out of the drum.
All this can be achieved with one unit.

SL-MP-SS-R with the powerful motor p400-A for best mixing result (motor Ex700 for inflammable liquids).

For fluids of medium viscosity…

The feed screw (S) is dedicated for liquids of medium viscosity (ç > 200 mPas), if the impeller types A and R reach their limitations.
With induction motor ideal combination for gentle dealing with the liquid.

pd500-1 0,37 KW 230 V: 500-0042
pd500-3 0,37 KW 400 V: 500-0039
Ex-proof motors on demand.


Induction motor with frequency inverter for variable flow rate.



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