All our plants are of modular design. The basic module is the vacuum pump complete with driver, service liquid cooler and liquid separator. Depending on the volumetric flow rates and suction pressures required, this basic module is augmented by e.g. a gas ejector module, a vapour ejector combination with a downstream condenser, or a lobular pump module.


Liquid Ring Vacuum Systems

Sterling SIHI provides a wide range of process solutions for vacuum applications. In order to satisfy its customers’ process needs and requirements, Sterling supplies a diverse range of vacuum packages from standard compact units to complex purpose built systems with integrated instrumentation and PLC control panels.

Performance range:

Suction volume flow: up to 100,000 m³/h

Suction pressure: < 0.001 up to 1013 mbar

Typical applications for all types of gases and vapours:

– Vacuum distillation

– Extruder degassing

– Vacuum drying

Typical vacuum generation packages include:

– Liquid ring vacuum pumps

– Mechanical boosters

– Gas ejectors

– Steam ejectors

In order to optimise a vacuum system and to reduce the amount of external involvement the vacuum units can include:

– Pre condensers

– Post condensers

– Heat exchangers

– Scrubber systems

– Separators

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Compact Vacuum Systems

The SIHIcompact units consist of various components which are assembled together to form a compact unit with an optimal function range. The LEM liquid ring vacuum pump utilised in these systems is of a single stage design and of a simple and robust construction. These vacuum units are produced as standard versions with heat exchangers to minimise the consumption of the service liquid.


Performance range:
Suction volume flow: up to 473 m³/hr
Suction pressure: 33 to 1013 mbar

For handling dry and saturated forms of gases. Small quantities of entrained liquid in the suction gas stream can also be dealt with. The SIHIcompact is designed for vacuum applications of between 33 and 800 mbar.


Modular Vacuum Systems

Sterling SIHI’s standard modules include liquid ring vacuum pumps complete with a motor, service liquid separator, base plate and pump support stool. The Sterling SIHImodular is used in an extensive range of applications and design options, including closed circuits with heat exchangers or liquid make-up facilities without heat exchangers. To meet the duties of the different applications, these systems offer eight pump sizes, each with a wide range of design options. Thermostatic control of the cooling water and service liquid maximises the cost benefits through reduced energy consumption. These modular vacuum compact systems are designed for ease of operation and increased safety for any applications.


Performance range:

Suction volume flow: up to 470 m³/hr

Suction pressure: 33 to 1013 mbar


Liquid make-up facility without heat exchanger:

– Manual service liquid regulation

– Ball type non-return valve

– Cavitation protection

– Rubber mounting feet or mounting rails

– Thermostatic service liquid regulation (regulating range 0 – 30ºC)

– Low level monitoring for service liquid

– Electric control panel

Closed circuit with heat exchanger:

– Plate heat exchanger (screwed)

– Thermometer between heat exchanger and pump

– Ball type non-return valve

– Cavitation protection

– Rubber mounting feet or mounting rails

– Regulation of service liquid level

– Cooling water connection at the heat exchanger, thermostatically regulated

– Electric control panel


Dry Vacuum Systems

To meet the demands of the process industry, Sterling SIHI offers vacuum package systems providing the completely dry compression of gases from vacuum up to atmospheric conditions. The application and performance range is similar to that of conventional vacuum systems, but is extended by utilising other pumping elements such as dry running vacuum pump SIHIdry and mechanical boosters.

Performance range:

Suction volume flow: up to 100.000 m³/h

Suction pressure: < 0,001 mbar up to1013 mbar

The SIHIdry is a completely dry vacuum pump especially designed for arduous process conditions, offering outstanding reliability and excellent control features through the system’s PLC control panels.


Typical applications:

– Highly corrosive gases

– Volatile organic gases

– Toxic gases that require hermetically sealed systems

Catalogue – LOH 05501, 2.7 – 6.1 m³/h, 80 – 1013 mbar
Catalogue – LOH 25003/25007/25309, 11 – 60 m³/h, 33 – 1013 mbar


Hygienic Vacuum Systems

Major cost savings are guaranteed by using our environmentally friendly hygienic vacuum systems in all beverage filling processes. Potential savings through the reduction of water consumption are of critical importance to the beverage industry in today’s markets. Due to our considerable experience in the beverage industry, we are able to provide the very latest solutions in the reduction of water consumption. Using our hygienic vacuum beverage filling processes it is possible to save more than 99% of your water consumption. The return-on investment time for a hygienic vacuum system depends on its initial cost and the savings of the associated service fluid.

Performance range:

Suction volume flow: up to 1,000 m³/h

Suction pressure: 33 mbar up to 1013 mbar

Benefits of hygienic vacuum systems:

– no water consumption at filling process due to hygienic and clean in place” design

– environmentally friendly as well offering cost savings

– reliable vacuum generation

– highest level of biological safety

– using existing CIP systems

– short return-on-investment period


The SIHIsanivac is able to handle a suction volume flow up to 1,000 m³/h. The range consists of five sizes:

– SIHIsanivac 160

– SIHIsanivac 250

– SIHIsanivac 400

– SIHIsanivac 800

– SIHIsanivac 1000

Cooling liquid:

For cooling of the heat exchanger different cooling liquids can be used

– brine

– cooling water

– associated liquids


All fittings like automatic valves, temperature sensor and level indicators are designed to the hygienic standard.