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Pump construction
Close-coupled drivers are conventional drivers mounted directly to pumps frame. No base, coupling or guards are required for this mounting style.
Flanged DIN PN16 and the ANSI 150#.


Operating limits

– Max viscosity 200 cSt
– Max system pressure 16 bar

– Flow up to 13 mc/h
– Head up to 53 m
– Temperature ratings:

  from -22 °F (-30°C)
  to +194 °F (+100°C)
– Electric motors:

   from 0,18 up to 9,2 kW
– Available ATEX II – / 3G cbk II C T5

Horizontal, sealless PP and PVDF ARMORED Peripheral pump with permanent magnet drive system, no mechanical seal.

The separation of liquid chamber/ atmosphere by means of an isolation shell is the best solution to pump aggressive chemical, high purity liquids and liquids difficult to seal.

The hermetic sealless is the best solution for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. A wide range of pumps covers the different performances.
Simple and strong construction combined with high thickness guarantees a long life against corrosion.The pump casing consist of an external strong carbon steel armor, achieved from precise casting, and an internal casing, achieved from solid bar, it is made of very high thickness PP and PVDF to have a good mechanical resistance and a guaranteed long life against corrosion.

Epoxy primer and poly-acrylic enamel water-based painting for the best quality resistance linked to the environmental respect.


to guarantee an easy and fast maintenance, PP and PVDF materials.The sealing system with O-Rings prevents from leaking in the atmosphere.

Different materials available:
– FEPThe rear shell is made of thermoplastic materials, as PP GFR or PVDF FCR with zero magnetic losses. Outside rear shell cover ellipsoidal profile made of fiber reinforced composite material.

High power synchronous magnetic coupling designed by our Technical Office and with magnetic elements mechanically locked.

Rare earth guarantees the magnetic-balancing to avoid the thrust bearing wear and the heat generation.

Field assembling of the product lubricated bearing arrangement does not require special tools.
The Shaft / Bearing materials are available in three different configurations to provide the best solution for each application:

– PTFEC – ALLUMINA 99,7% (standard)
– Silicon Carbide (SSIC) – Silicon Carbide (SSIC)