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As easy as blinking, innovative, simply perfect

grün-pumps need no further explanation

We fulfil the expectations of our customers with innovation and perfection.
If we are not immediately successful, your problem becomes the problem of the managing director.

Start up with grün-pumpen, and you will advance.


no inner-tube

  • easily accessible shaft
  • easy to clean
  • solid shaft
  • robust mechanical seal

multistage design

  • therefore lower speed, less wear, lower noise and longer life
  • more stages possible, gives more pressure
  • also with feed-screw for medium viscosity liquids

with feed-screw

  • for medium-viscous liquids
  • smooth pumping of liquids
  • low noise with
  • three-phase motor
  • high performance with
  • universal motor

magnetic coupling

  • hermetically sealed
  • for gaseous and dangerous liquids
  • no leakage

quick release coupling

  • speedy connection
  • only 1/8 turn
  • robust design
  • rugged bow-gear coupling
  • suitable for aggressive environments

eccentric screw barrel pump

  • with quick release coupling
  • removable drive motor / possible to drive several pump drives
  • easy and safe handling with the separate pump tube
  • no lifting device necessary