Green Pepper

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GPH is an open impeller centrifugal pump, manufactured from stainless steel AISI 316L. With excellent electro polished surfaces, high finish and mechanical strength, the GPH range meet the demands from a variety if today’s industries. After all, GPH is still available at a very appealing price level.

For a variety of industries

The GPH range has a very wide range of applications – from transfer of water, to pumping of chemicals. Below area few common industrial fields and applications for the GPH range.

Food, Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Oil, Plating, Paint, Cosmetics Industry

Alcohols, all Mineral and Organic Acids, Detergents Caustics, lubricants, Soft drinks, Printing Inks, Dyes, Dryers, Liquid and semi-slolid foods, Flavourings, Petrol, Diesel, Animal & Vegetables oils, lube oils, Natural & Synthetics Resins, Sludge & Waste, Aromatic & Aliphatics Solvents, Ketones, Aldehydes Esters, Thinners.

Quick and easy maintenance

GPH is normally maintenance free. When necessary, the GPH pump is very simple to maintain thanks to the small number of components – only 19 different parts. Most of these components will last “a lifetime”. The good effect is short down time and low maintenance costs.