Tested Products

Carbopol 980

Carbopol Ultrez 10 & 20

Product Carbopol 980, kg DI Water A, kg Tonnage
Safi Losyen Pencerah& Pelindungan UV 17.5 3817.5 5T
Safi Shayla Shp Anti Kelemumur 50 4784.59 10T
Safi Shayla Shp Anti Kelemumur 40 3867.672 8T


The existing system is less effective, which takes 90-100 minutes to complete Full Mixing & Transfer

Performance Measurement & Criteria

  • Allowable mixing and transferring within 30 minutes time with the toughest powder: CARBOPOL 980 & ULTREZ 10.
  • To make sure no Fisheyes and lumps.
  • To make sure no Clogging at funnel inlet.
  • Proper mixing and sampling by Senior Process Design Engineer once complete.
  • Provide training and handling skills to specific operators and engineers as back up. (Easy Handling).


With Alfa Laval Hybrid Powder Mixer

(for viscosity up to 800 cP)








The Installation of HPM



  • Reducing installation costs:
    Combining pumping and powder mixing functions into a single unit. (ROTARY LOBE PUMP + HIGH SHEAR MIXER)


  • Reducing operating costs:
    future combination with Isomix, only one electrical motor (15 K.W) for the complete system instead of high shear mixer at 18.5K.W at full speed + RLP (5.5 K.W). 37% lesser in Energy Saving~37%.


  • Fast and Homogenous Powder Dissolving:
    The 4 different shear steps (Injector, Rotor-Stator, Impeller, Circulation) are able to dissolve the powder effectively and to homogenize. Production time reduced from 100 minutes to only 30 minutes. Saved 70% of the time in overall production.


  • High pressure:
    It can create up to 4 bar pressure without an extra pump, for transferring at the same time after 5 minutes of circulation.


  • Additional Equipment:
    Enable to install additional equipment after the HPM, such as instrumentation, heat exchanger and ISO-MIX. Currently cleaned manually after mixing.


  • Discharge- and/or CIP-Pump:
    Used as a transfer pump after mixing and/or as a CIP pump together with Isomix. (comparing with using high pressure jet, more energy saved)


  • Easy Maintenance:
    It is easy to do maintenance, as the funnel is not welded on the frame. (buying spares ball valve & funnel for easy dismantling and replacement for emergency of mishandling).
NO. Date Batch Type Weight















1 4/5/2016 Safi Lotion & UV Protection 980 17.5 3817.5 23 12 35 15% Valve Open
2 4/5/2016 Safi Shayla Anti Dandruff 980 40 3867.67 11 N/A N/A 25%-100% Valve Open
3 5/5/2016 Safi Shayla Anti Hair Falls 980 40 4671.89 9 18 27 Achieved 50% open at 0.8Bar
4 5/5/2016 Enchanteur H&B LTN-A-REV    Ultrez 10 5 2315.125 2 8 1 Achieved 50% open at 0.8Bar