Alfa Laval Optilobe Pump vs Other Maker




  • This reduces the risk of process contamination, whilst improving product quality.

  • Front cover o-ring not profiled on cusps or rotor bore, which is unhygienic.


  • O-ring groove is square-cut into front cover. Apparent poor finish will create bug trap.

  • Exchangeable position 02 rotor and easy to replace new rotors.

  • Rotors marked “0” and “1”, corresponding to marks on shaft spline for positional assembly. Difficult to see when maintaining pump in site.


Gear Box
  • The OptiLobe pump range has a universal gearbox design with the flexibility of mounting inlet and outlet ports in either a vertical or horizontal plane, by simply changing the foot position.

  • Gearbox is not universal. Vertical porting option is only possible if using a different gear case.

Taper Roller Bearings With Heavy duty taper bearings with extended L10 life:

  • allow for 20,000 hours minimum pump operation before replacement
  • optimised axial load transmission
  • reduce pump maintenance cost
  • increase process up-time
  • increase pump life-time

  • Shafts were held in a “cartridge assembly”
  • Timing gears located between front & rear bearings. Front bearing (not visible) is single ball bearing on all models – very weak design, suitability on arduous duties questionable!!

Bearing Housing
  • One piece bearing housing gives stable shaft retention within rigid construction providing for greater pump durability under operation, extending pump life-time

Component Interchangeability Full spare part component interchangeability allows:

  • pump build repeatability
  • consistent pump performance, leading to simplified pump servicing, reduced process down-time and less process variance

  • Component interchange-ability questionable.
  • Requirement for either new rotor, shaft or sleeve will mean pump clearances must be reset.
  • Rotor nuts come off easily.

Drain-ability Cusps/Scallops:

+running cost

+Minimised product degradation

Cusps/Scallops set back :

+Minimal product retention

+Minimised product degradation



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