Validating Rotary Impingement Cleaning

Alfa Laval Rotacheck: Find some extra assurance that your rotary impingement tank cleaning machine is workinginlets and validate your process.



Inlet Connections: Choose your connection, we have both industrial and sanitary connections.

Bi-Pod: A convienant attachment for our bung down wine barrel cleaners.

Tri-Pod: Used for temporarly mounting a Gamajet in a fixed location, perfect for tanks with imperfect bottoms.

Portable Cart: Perfect for portable bottom entry applications, where you can roll the Gamajet in and out.

Manway Adaptor: Designed for easy insertion into manways, the unit seals and prevents splash-out during cleaning.

Gamajet 88: A dual Gamajet mounting system, to direct the cleaning force of two Gamajet machines directly at the bulkheads of an OTR tanker.

Sidewinder Horizontal Cleaner: The Gamajet Sidewinder is a revolutionary, affordable accessory for achieving the most effective and efficient tanker, trailer, and railcar cleaning. Enabling a tank cleaning device to be placed on its side, it completely changes the nature of the nozzles’ orbit.



Filters: Self-flushing and affordable filters for our standard applications.

Deflector Plate: A protection against backsplash when cleaning wet well or lift stations.

Hose Reel: Especially useful with the Gamajet Toteblast Station, the hose reel is perfect for rugged, heavy duty applications requiring long lengths of hose and large storage capacity